Help for Joseph Garsendy

Happy new year, I pray all is well.  I am reaching out to you to solicit your support to Lucy’s Heart for 2017.

Lucy’s Heart is an organization that we started to helps those in need, especially those in other impoverished countries.

Currently we have several different ongoing projects, but we are currently focusing on helping this young 4 year old boy, named Joseph Garsendy,

Meet Joseph Garsendy. He has a massive right inguinal hernia which is in need of repair as soon as possible.

who lives in Les Cayes, which was affected by hurricane Matthew, sadly this boy was found by one of our nurses in Haiti, he has a massive right inguinal hernia which is in need of repair as soon as possible. Unfortunately, his family is impoverished and cannot afford to pay for the surgery. The cost of the surgery is approximately $300-$400 US.. however he will need follow up care, food, cloths and money for transportation. Therefore, we are trying to raise at least $1,000 US dollars to help him get the Surgery and proper care..

We are also helping to rebuild a church and its community that was destroyed as well.

However, his boys surgery is a priority as he is in a lot of pain.

Thank you for your support in advance, any dollar amount will help, we are trying to get him scheduled for surgery early in Feb.

Also, please share info with family, friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me…at 305-467-6337 or [email protected]

God bless,

Sabrina Cyril, President of Lucy’s Heart, inc

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